About Elle Viane Sonnet

Elle Viane Sonnet is an Okanogan-Colville Native American Actress that specialized in Characters and Action. Her background started with 15 years in Community Theatre, which spawned her love for character acting. 

Sonnet trains in body movement and expression for prosthetic acting as well as stunt fighting. Her fight background is in Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA, with weaponry training in Bo Staff, Chinese Sword and Firearms. 

Sonnet is co-owner of Sonnet Realm, LLC, a Transmedia Production Company that develops Features Films, Games, and Comic Books. They currently have one Feature Flim in active Development, TRIBORN, starring Sonnet as the lead along with an array of well-known Science-Fiction actors.

She is best known for the inspirational Science-Fiction, Space Command; for her online Geek-Pop Culture and Cosplay show,; and the internationally acclaimed fan series, Star Trek: Phoenix as Ltd. Cmdr. Akelyn Solara Chief Engineer.

To learn more about her projects you can visit her site or follow her on Instagram: @ChiclyGeek